Pacific White-sided Dolphins Return

There are reports that Pacific White-sided Dolphins have arrived once again in the Strait of Georgia during the past week or two. The dolphins were quite scarce along they BC coast until about 1985 when they began to appear frequently in many coastal areas. I remember seeing herds of them near Port Hardy and along Haida Gwaii (the Queen Charlotte Islands) for many years. They only recently invaded the Strait of Georgia. Howe Sound has become a favourite haunt in the past few years and attentive ferry travellers between Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and Horseshoe Bay on the mainland of BC were rewarded with sightings often through the winter.

This dolphin is acrobatic and active. They will often ride the bow waves of ships and boats. I have had them ride the bow wave of my inflatable boat. They race over to the boats with great speed and surf just below the surface on the wave pushed by the bow.

I would be interested to know if anyone has seen the dolphins in English Bay or Vancouver Harbour.


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I am a scientist, author and naturalist with over four decades of field study of wild animals. You can read more at my web site at
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