Green Vancouver

The City of Vancouver is transforming many of its ways to comply with a more environmentally friendly agenda. The plans are laid out on the city web site. I met with several staff the other day who are leading the change and it was good news to hear. I applaud the city for taking these steps.

The City could also become a ‘blue’ city. Vancouver is located on the seashore of the Strait of Georgia. Its harbour separates Vancouver from West and North Vancouver and connects to the east with Burnaby and Port Moody. It is a seaside city.

The harbour is one of Canada’s Important Bird Areas. In winter, more than 15 000 birds feed along its shores. About 13,000 of those birds are sea ducks –  surf scoters, Barrows and common goldeneye, and greater scaup. They mingle among the harbours ships and piers, along its rocky shores at Stanley Park and West Vancouver and up Indian Arm. Mew and glaucous-winged gulls are also abundant. Cormorants nest under bridges. Near Port Moody, very large seastars live on the ocean floor.  Salmon spawn in the Indian River, Mossom and Noons Creek in Port Moody, and the rivers on the north shore.

One of the concepts we are working on at the Pacific WildLife Foundation is to get more of the citizens of Vancouver on to the water to see the wildlife around us. If all goes well, we hope to launch the green lifeboat this year. Stay posted.




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I am a scientist, author and naturalist with over four decades of field study of wild animals. You can read more at my web site at
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